Visiting researchers program

Job type: Other Research Positions

Perimeter Institute encourages applications from scientists in theoretical physics who wish to spend time at Perimeter Institute while on sabbatical leave from their faculty positions at home institutes. These select visiting researcher positions span the range of research areas including quantum matter, cosmology, mathematical physics, particle physics, quantum fields and strings, quantum foundations, quantum gravity, quantum information and strong gravity. Outstanding researchers in related fields are welcome to submit applications.

While most visits last for days or weeks, Perimeter also allows researchers to explore what kind of progress can be made during stays as long as a full year. Over longer stays, visiting researchers become an intrinsic part of the research group. They may co-supervise graduate students, forming close bonds while exposing them to a completely different line of research, help organize workshops, or enjoy the freedom to follow a spontaneous inspiration. Read about one visiting researcher's experience.

Perimeter Institute offers a dynamic, multi-disciplinary environment with maximum research freedom and opportunity to collaborate, take part in workshops and conferences as well as enjoy the productive atmosphere and amenities of the award-winning facility.

If you require additional information or have questions, please contact Amanda Ferneyhough.