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Employee giving

Perimeter's breakthroughs to date have been advanced by an ever-growing group of both public and private donors. As a world-leading centre for fundamental research, scientific training, and educational outreach, we are all doing our part to support the institution and ensure it shines both internationally and in our own backyard. Our collective success could not be achieved without the brilliant minds at Perimeter who are the backbone of the institution.

Supporting PI with your own gift sends a strong message externally — both to government and private funders. It helps to tell the story of pride that exists from working in such a special place with a purpose to advance humanity.

Thank you for your consideration in being a part of the equation and joining our ever-growing group of PI Community donors.


I work here, why should I give?

You know the PI mission best and support it every day. Furthering that support through financial contributions is a strong vote of confidence in Perimeter Institute and you know it will go far. Private donations are vital for our continued partnerships with government. By making a gift, you demonstrate your investment in Perimeter, its mission, vision and values. It shows how much we all care. Your participation shows people outside of Perimeter the strength of our community.


What are the tax benefits of giving to Perimeter?

All donations to Perimeter Institute (or to Friends of Perimeter Institute if you are domiciled in the United States) are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. For all gifts that are not via payroll deduction, you will receive a tax receipt (for payroll deductions, your donations are recognized on your T4 in box 46).