Two beams of light coming together and exploding particles

Particle physics

Particle physics seeks to determine the most fundamental constituents of nature and the laws governing their interactions. At Perimeter, the Particle Physics group currently consists of one faculty member (Asimina Arvanitaki), one associate faculty member (Cliff Burgess), three postdoctoral researchers, and two PhD students. The group interacts strongly with several other areas at the Institute, notably strong gravity, cosmology, and quantum fields and strings in the quest of physics beyond the standard model.

Perimeter has become well known for innovative research connecting theoretical ideas for new physics beyond the standard model to novel experiments and astrophysical observations. This research includes (i) pioneering tabletop experiments that use new technologies to search for dark matter; (ii) novel proposals for using LIGO (the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) data to probe new ultralight bosonic particles; and (iii) searching for new physics beyond the standard model with astrophysical and cosmological observations, including the CMB and large scale structure.

Particle physics researchers at Perimeter have received international recognition through awards, such as the New Horizons in Physics Prize, and through provincial, federal, and international grants. Postdoctoral researchers at Perimeter have successfully competed for faculty positions at top institutions, such as Fermilab and the University of Washington.