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Perimeter Institute recognizes that a lively program of conferences and workshops is essential to maintaining a dynamic scientific atmosphere by regularly exposing its research staff to current ideas in the wider theoretical physics community. We welcome proposals from individuals or groups of scientists interested in organizing and presenting a workshop or conference at Perimeter Institute in one of our research areas.

The Institute offers a lecture theatre (seats 205), five smaller seminar rooms (seating 40 to 60), informal meeting areas and lounges, meals and refreshments in the Black Hole Bistro, and workspace for participants. Exceptional proposals, which complement ongoing activities at the Institute, will receive financial support as per our guidelines. Submissions will be strengthened by the inclusion of external financial partners. The Institute, through its Conference Program Lead, will work with the organizers and take care of the logistical details. Perimeter residents who wish to hold a conference should use the online conference proposal application.

Perimeter Institute Conference and Workshop Program Guidelines

Please review our guidelines for further information on the conference program.

Perimeter Institute aims to host timely, focused conferences and workshops annually. Perimeter’s flexibility, combined with the good will it has generated among the global theory community, places it in an excellent position to host exciting gatherings in cutting edge fields.

  • All Perimeter researchers, including postdocs, will be offered the opportunity to propose and organize conferences and workshops.
  • External organizers will be offered the opportunity to propose ideas for exceptional conferences and workshops to be held at Perimeter and partially funded by Perimeter.
  • In both cases listed above, a Perimeter senior faculty member must be involved.
  • The major focus will be on conferences and workshops that do not happen anywhere else - hot topics, promising new areas of study where a conference or workshop is likely to have a significant outcome and is a gathering of top people.
  • Annually, Perimeter aims to present approximately:
    • 1-2 conferences of 75-100 participants
    • 10-15 workshops of 20-50 participants
    • Up to 10 sponsored / partnered events
  • Researchers are encouraged to meet with the Conference Program Lead for assistance in submitting proposals.
  • The templates for submitting conference proposals and requesting sponsorship support may be found on the Perimeter website.
  • Proposals will be vetted by the Conference Committee Chair, with assistance from a committee of researchers as required.
  • Once an event has been approved, the Lead sends the organizers a standard approval letter outlining the approved parameters of the event so they may begin sending invitations.
  • The Lead will immediately arrange a meeting with the organizer(s) to review details.
  • Program expenses will be closely monitored to ensure excellent value.
  • Only quality activities will be funded.
  • All cost-sharing opportunities with partners and participants should be explored. Proposals should show that financial partnerships and outside sources of funding are being pursued.
  • The following expenses will generally be covered:
    • Economy airfare (based on Perimeter reimbursement guidelines), ground transportation, supplied meals, and accommodation for a maximum of 15 invited speakers (prorated at 3 invited speakers per day).
    • Coffee breaks
  • There is a set maximum annual budget for the conference program. Therefore, notwithstanding the above, a maximum on expenses may be set in advance of any given event or a maximum reimbursement per participant may be established.
  • Any participant who is also visiting another institution as part of their trip will be reimbursed for the portion of their expenses related specifically to the Perimeter portion of their trip.
  • Conference participants are invited for the length of the conference (plus 1 day before and 1 day after the conference). If their visit is to extend beyond these dates they must be invited as a collaborator for the extra days.
  • Registering (non-invited) participants will be charged a fee ranging from approximately $150 to $300 (includes lunch and coffee breaks) depending on the length of the conference.
  • Perimeter resident researchers are invited to attend all non-closed conferences and workshops without paying the registration fee, but must register in advance to do so. They will receive a nametag and schedule, and may participate in coffee breaks. All other expenses, such as lunches, banquets, etc., will be their responsibility.
  • Perimeter generally does not support offsite scientific conferences. An exception may be made in the case of a partnership agreement; a series of events will be hosted by the participating partners at their institutions, with at least one such event taking place at Perimeter. The partners will share costs for the series of events.