Man and women working at blackboard together in atrium

What we research

Perimeter Institute is a major centre for theoretical physics research driven by a diverse community of resident and visiting scientists from around the world. Relentlessly curious, Perimeter researchers collaborate to forge new ideas and make discoveries about how the universe works — from the tiniest constituents of matter to the vast reaches of space and time.

Graphic showing PI's 9 research areas emanating from a sphere: strong gravity, quantum matter, particle physics, quantum fields and strings, quantum gravity, quantum foundations, quantum information, mathematical physics, and cosmology.


Perimeter’s nine research fields have been chosen strategically to form a complementary whole that spans the breadth of scales within physics. But researchers at Perimeter rarely stay firmly within one of these areas, for breakthroughs are often achieved by reaching beyond the scope of a well-defined field. This spirit of collaboration, combined with an emphasis on ambitious, unconstrained scientific inquiry, has fostered a vibrant, thriving research community.